Do you remember during Bill Clinton’s first term, in response to a question about her past, Hillary Clinton said “I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas, but what I decided to do was to fulfill my profession.”

At the time, I completely supported her statement and thought the backlash from certain women’s groups was unfair. She was a strong smart woman and what she had meant was that she chose to pursue her career instead of being a home maker. What was wrong with that? Good for her I thought.

Well, now life looks a little different. In the last seven days, I’ve made at least eight dozen cookies and I love going to and having ladies teas.

What the hell happened to me? I went from being an ambitious lawyer climbing up the career ladder with both hands and both feet on fire to spending an entire afternoon making the most awesome snowman cookies EVER with my sons!

It’s not like I’ve given up my career all together or that I think pursuing your profession is a bad thing but now when I see Hillary’s words, I feel a little sorry for her.

Baking cookies with my children has been filled with moments of such laughter and joy. I cherish those memories and yearn to have lots more of them. And ladies teas? Well, they just rock!

You know what I hate about Christmas (I know, all of a sudden I’ve become Scrooge and this after my Christmas Rocks I, II and III posts)?

I hate having to give every single person I run across a Christmas gift and/or bonus. I don’t like tipping to begin with so this is an especially hard time for me. I don’t mind tipping at restaurants or for cabs because I can understand how that works but why do I have to tip my hairdresser when I pay him an already outrageous price for my haircut? And do I have to give a tip to every single workman that comes through my house?

I seriously don’t know. Phone guy, cable guy, repair guy, painter guy, delivery guy, every single guy that I pay to do something or is paid by their company to come fix something expects a tip from me.

And now, if any of these people happen to come to my house during the Christmas season I feel obligated to give them some kind of Christmas tip. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t.

The worse part of the giving thing is not even the giving itself but knowing how much is appropriate. I’m always afraid that I’m not giving enough and therefore somehow insulting the receiver of the tip. I’ll think about it for days and torture myself with the what ifs and why I didn’t. I know, I’m nuts!

There are some people, however, that I love giving to during the holidays like my son’s preschool teachers, the wonderful garbage men that my son waves to every week, our mail man and our loving babysitter.

So even though this is a hum bug of a post, I’m still really excited to put together Christmas gifts for some of my favorite people tomorrow! 🙂