I’ve mentioned before I don’t care too much for the holiday season.

It’s just a big mess to me.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a lot of holidays, but the “holiday season” is just a long, dragged out hooplah to me.

Although many people consider it beginning at Halloween, which is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME. But after Halloween, it has it’s highs and lows. Namely Thanksgiving. Boring. Nothing good. No candy. At least Christmas has presents and New Year’s Eve has chocolate and cheese fondue.

Growing up, the holiday season was always a bittersweet experience (except Thanksgiving because, like I said, nothing good came out of that) for me. We got awesome goodies, but for a price. All day there was much to do, always so much to do. Much cleaning and helping out. I absolutely detested it.

Ugh, there was just so much to do. And being the youngest? Eventually all my siblings trickled out…and there was only me. For a time.

Even if it was only family, the house was required to be spotless. Yes, I understand this, but it doesn’t make it suck any less.

One of the biggest perks about being married for me?

Never ever being required to help out during the holidays.

And the biggest perk about being in my family?

Never ever being required/expected to host the holidays.

If my parents were ever to decide to just pack up and vacation for the holidays, we would be so screwed. I don’t think any of my siblings really want to ever do that. We enjoy spending those evenings and dinners together, but we don’t ever want to have to deal with what is required of it on our own.

My mom makes a glorious spread and no one, and I mean no one, can ever top what she does for Christmas. So if she were ever to just say “eff it, figure it out for yourselves”? We’d probably be going to a restaurant for Christmas Eve dinner reminiscent of the scene from The Santa Clause where Tim Allen takes his son to Denny’s.

All the while silently crying into our moons over my hammy and grand slams.

My kids would hate Christmas Eve if I was in charge so they better hope my mom doesn’t turn into a snowbird in her old age. Because seriously? We would be so screwed. And they have no idea how lucky they are because they don’t have to help with preparation.

Happy holidays everyone, I hope it’s safe and merry and free of too much traffic. See you Monday!

It’s the reason for the season ‘yo.

And I don’t mean Jesus.

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

Anyway, Christmas is less than 30 days away at this point. Which means Chris is going to be working pretty much all. the. time. In fact, this week, he has 30 hours at Best Buy. Best Buy full-timers work minimum of 32 hours a week, and he is only working after work and on weekends. He got bumped up from 15-20 hours to 30. What the fuck ‘yo? But when we discuss it, we’re looking ahead two weeks to that bomb ass extra paycheck he’ll be getting. Bomb. Ass.

You know, just like Thanksgiving, I’m not too big in Christmas. I mean, I used to like it, but as I got older, I only liked it for the break from school. And then I got bored by the whole thing. And now, I get stressed because I want to make sure it’s a good holiday for the kids BUT it is much more enjoyable because I have them. (All holidays are better with munchkin’s.)

I always start looking forward to the end of the year at this point and start to get impatient to just start clean. So this next month totally just drags on, and I start to panic about making sure I have everyone’s Christmas presents.

Which is just a silly thing to panic about because I start Christmas shopping for babies in October, if I can. But then Chris always throws in a monkey-wrench, and thinks of one or two things he would like to add to their abundance of toys. So a week (or two) ago, when all I needed to get for them was their joint gift? Now I need to also find a “nice” bead maze for Caitlin and a My Pal Scout for Kinley.

Not to mention I need to get Chris’ Christmas gift/birthday gift and finish my parents’ gifts. And one niece. And then I’m done. I have 3 paychecks and 1 week of a double paycheck (these days I count weeks in paychecks) until Christmas.

Cue. Panic.

I know there really isn’t a reason to because I still have 25 days to do all my shopping, and really, I don’t have much left to get. I wasn’t even really planning on wrapping and putting any under a tree or anything until Christmas Eve, to avoid nosy little fingers from opening presents. So honestly,

I don’t think it makes any difference. It’s just the fact that I hate having to deal with holiday related traffic/lines and I worry that what I want to get will be gone by the time I get there. Anxiety about nonsensical things really blows sometimes.

Seriously, I’m so over this year. If I quit it, does that mean I can sleep for the rest of the year and the kids will manage to take care of themselves?