So, last night I was complaining that *someone* in my house ate my spare bedtime Reese’s cup. Now, normally, I’m not a huge Reese’s fan, but over the last 26 weeks I’ve had at least 3 packages a day and if you touch my goddamn Reese’s cups, by God I will cut you.

So anyway, Reese’s cups. So my spare bedtime Reese’s cup went missing and I kept asking Chris “Did you eat it??” And he insisted that, no, in fact he did not eat it. He didn’t even know I had one, although it had only been sitting on the kitchen table since Tuesday, and I’m pretty sure I would have noticed if Caitlin got a hold of it…so I posted on Facebook someone stole my candy…

I am now positive there is someone living in our attic eating my candy and I am FREAKED OUT. Just wanna give him a big ole thanks…I really need to go refresh my deodorant, but I’m too scared to go back there now without Chris being home. I do not care if it was fake. I do not want to hear your explanations. There is something up with crap going missing in this house and that is the best solution. I really don’t think a ghost wants my bedtime Reese’s. There is someone living in my attic. So I will sit here in my stinky hormone and 90 degree weather induced sweat until he gets here in an hour and a half. And then I will beg him to inspect the attic thoroughly after I make him watch said video.

Being a stay-at-home mom, I noticed, every day is kind of bitter-sweet, regardless of what you’re doing. Days like yesterday, where Caitlin and I just sat and cleaned house are awesome because there is nothing really dictating what we have to do, no one telling us we have to shower, or wear pants, or even a diaper if we choose not to. We can eat cake for breakfast and whatever we want for lunch and sit and play or sleep or watch what we want on tv. It’s pretty sweet. Except, we don’t usually get outside interaction otherwise. Since I discovered on Tuesday my back tire is flat and I’m currently rolling on a donut until it can get patched, we’re kinda stuck unless we hitch a ride. And since we’re home a lot now, the house is pretty much always clean. Laundry gets done one day a week, bathrooms get a full scrub down one day a week (but now since I have time to do a quick once over every so often, it only takes about an hour to do both), and the kitchen takes literally no time at all to do these days. *Sigh* So by about 1100 the house is cleaned, the dog is feed and watered, and the garden is set up too. There isn’t really anything left to do except sit and be lazy. So these days gets boring and/or lonely sometimes. Or sometimes just really relaxing, because like I said, no one is telling us we have to shower until 600 when Chris gets home.

Other days, like today, are awesome too because we get to see my mom and sometimes my sister and nephew at the very least. We go out, we go to lunch, we go shopping and talk a lot. It’s a lot of fun and by the time we get home it’s only a little while before Chris leaves work. But, then again, we have to shower before 6. And nap times are usually held in the car. Which, it’s still cool, but like I said, we have to get a shower…and get off the couch…and wear pants. And lately it’s getting real hot and I don’t have any maternity shorts lately, so I’m stuck to wearing jeans or if I’m lucky, my legs will hair-free enough to wear capris, but it’s still super hot. And I get tired from carrying around Caitlin and being pregnant, so I’m pretty sure pretty soon I’m going to buy her a leash so I don’t have to carry her so much. She’d like that. Plus, specifically on days like today, we’re required to be somewhere by a certain time, which means if Chris doesn’t send me my wake up text at 8 like I asked him to, I don’t wake up until 830 and then I don’t get to shave and wear my capris, and then I get super hot and sweat a lot…but it’s okay because I get to have adult interaction instead of sitting re-watching the same episodes of Yo Gabba Gabba! and Little Bear that I’ve seen probably half a dozen times this month. So I guess, everything balances out in the end.