First, I would like to extend an apology to the creepy man I believe to be living in my attic. I blamed you for my missing Reese’s, when in fact, it was in my car. And I’m sure you’ll read this because when you do come out the attic, I’m sure you also use my laptop. Why wouldn’t you, considering it just sits on the arm of the couch all day and night turned on with no password protection. But I swear to god if my husband has to fix it because you put a shit ton of spyware and crap from all your nonsensical downloading, I will go up there and kill you.

So now, when I accidentally download something I probably shouldn’t have, I can blame the man I believe to be living in my attic. And Chris won’t be mad at me, instead he’ll be mad at him, because I specifically told him not to do that.

And I probably should have brought the Reese’s out of the car, but I didn’t think that far ahead, so there it sits, still in the cup holder of my car, in upper 80 degree weather. And probably will remain there until I remember it’s there later on tonight when my stomach feels like it’s eating all my other organs because I’ll probably have already eaten the entire bag on mini Reese’s my mom bought me today out of the kindness of her soul. She also bought me a cookie. But as of right now, the thought of eating anything more is kind of making me feel super sick.

Ah the joys of pregnancy, constantly teetering on the thin line between starvation and oh-my-god-I-shouldn’t-have-eaten-that-entire-sandwich-now-I’m-going-to-puke.

So here’s my dilemma

Last week, I discovered I had a flat tire. Apparently, I had ran over a very sharp nail or something that completely deflated it over night. When Chris got home, he put the donut on and promised to patch it later on. Saturday, he got said patch kit but hasn’t gotten around to patching it yet because Sunday was spent creating our turtle pen and yesterday I told him not to do anything because I really wanted to finishing catching up on Gossip Girl before our Monday night shows came on. So, he’ll have to patch it tonight after mowing the lawn if it’s not raining or muddy.

So that brings me to today. Right now, in this moment. And I have a huge, huge, HUGE issue. I really want some Fruity Pebbles. And we don’t have any. And my mom had to take my grandma to a doctor’s appointment which I opted out of since my dad took the day off to tag along as well. And I really want some Fruity Pebbles. I don’t even like them normally, but I read the words in another blog (which I can’t remember where) and I immediately decided that would be the most delicious meal EVER.

God, why have you forsaken me!? If I didn’t have the flat tire I could go to the store and buy my own cereal, especially since I finally found my wallet this morning, which has been missing since Saturday afternoon, I think. Maybe even before then. But no, you had to make me run over whatever it is that is stuck in my tire and make me crave the most random thing ever, after I barely got any sleep last night because it appears that the fetus I am growing is nocturnal and no amount of things that supposedly put a baby in the belly asleep, worked.

So now, I’m debating what I will eat for lunch, considering the one thing I really, really, REALLY want right now, I can’t have, and I don’t have a car to go get anything else anyway. Plus, I’m not showered and I’m not so sure I want to shower right now anyway. I’m feeling lazy and I still have to clean the bathrooms. But I think we still have leftover chicken, which will more than likely suffice. Until Chris gets to the store to either pick up his car/drop off his co-worker friend. At which point, his ass better walk right into said store and buy me some Fruity Pebbles. And Cheez-It’s. And Trix. That will be the most awesome dinner ever.