Pua’s back. Tell a friend. Guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’s back….

Yes, yes indeed. And boy does it feel good. I just had to take a little hiatus and get my head screwed on and wiggle myself into feeling normal. That hasn’t happened yet, but I haven’t been drinking heavily, so it evens out, right?

Just kidding about the drinking part.

I mean, I don’t drink heavily.

All the time.

So what’s good in the hood, ‘yo? I would just like to give a HUGE thank you to all of you out there in Twitterverse and Blogsphere who have sent me the lovely emails checking in on me throughout the weeks and giving me your love and “miss yous” and for checking back EVERY DAY to see if I’ve written anything and keeping this alive. Thank you. It means the world. If I could bake a dozen of cookies for all of you, I would, but that’s a lot of batter.

So what have you missed?? Well, pretty much everything that’s been going on. Let me just give you a quick recap of EVERYTHING.

First and foremost. Today is my sister’s birthday. She…is…old. Just kidding (not really). But I love her and I’m glad I have her as my big sister. She’s my number 1 fan.

Second, Gma? Still alive. Gpa is actually admitted into Hospice now as well. Personally, I think they are part cockroach and could survive a nuclear attack. I’m wondering how well that pans out for me, because then I’d be, what, an eighth cockroach? Does that still extend to me as far as surviving well past my prime or does it mean you can blast me with a high powered water hose and I could still come flying at your face and that’s as far as my skills go? If so, that is so unfair.

Third, Chris started a second job back at Best Buy (because, pretty much, when you work there once, you are sucked in for life) to bring some extra money around Christmas and so he works from 8-500 and then 530-930 during most weekdays and different times on the weekend.

So basically, Caitlin and Kinley see him for roughly 10 minutes in the morning before he leaves for work, and then Caitlin will be in bed by the time he gets home (that hasn’t happened because Halloween weekend, but it will prove true for now on) and then varying times on the weekend. We don’t see him much, so a lot of my time is spent drinking heavily knitting.
Speaking of Chris, guess what has two thumbs and turned 23 on the 5th? That’s right, that guy.

Which brings us to number four, yep. I completed one of my goals. I learned to knit. WHOOT! It wasn’t as hard as I anticipated, and I am currently in the throws of my very first project (a scarf for my darling little lady) and will post pictures when I’m done. I really enjoy it.

Next, HALLOWEEN. Only the most amazing holiday EVER. And I had to do it by myself because Chris was working. I didn’t get a whole lot of pictures, and we weren’t able to do our themed Mobster costumes, so Caitlin was a witch, Kinley was Dracula and I was a single mom. As always, my sister-in-law hosted Halloween at her and my brother’s place and it was WONDERFUL. Love Halloween. Will post some pictures once other people upload onto Facebook. Hah.

Finally, I have managed to use the term “rode hard and put away wet” 28 times in 1 week. That saying is simultaneously the most amazing and disgusting thing ever. It reminds me of the word “moist,” which just completely grosses me out.

I’ve been doing amazing on my life goals, waking up well before Chris in the morning usually and due to watching way too much Hoarders, plan on purging things out of my home soon in an attempt to avoid any hoarding tendencies that may have begin to fester in my mind. I’m excited that you guys have waited for me and held out for my return. I’m thankful for the friends I have made through this. I’m thankful for the overwhelming love I have experienced.