I decided I was going to take part of Katie over at Sluiter Nation‘s Top Ten Tuesday, for fun and because with everything going on with Gma, my brain is spent and I’m tired of Chris asking me if I’m okay. I’m okay dammit.

Anyway, this week, her topic is the bebe’s Christmas list(s). So, here in no particular order are the things my bebe’s list (most of which, they already got).

10. Lalaloopsy Dolls

Chris doesn’t think these are the cutest effing dolls ever. I LOVE this one, she is just so punk rock! In fact, this is the one Caitlin is getting from Chris and I. She’s also getting a twin pack from my parents, and probably a fourth. I love them. A-dor-able.

9. LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table

This is Kinley’s, although it will be a few months before he really appreciates it, but once he does, I know he’ll love it. It’s so hard buying presents for them at this age because they just kind of…sit there.

8. LeapFrog TAG Junior Book Pal

Caitlin is going to love this because it will help her read stories on her own. No mean mommy making her read the pages in order! That child will just sit with a book and read all day sometimes. I’m so glad she is an avid book lover already. She gets it from her Paka (and Mommy).

7. My Pal Scout

Caitlin has Scout’s, er, sister (?), Violet and adores her. We decided we needed to add Scout to the family too, for Kinley.

6. AquaDoodle

When Caitlin isn’t reading, home girl is drawing and coloring. And coloring can be a little stressful sometimes for me because she sneaks crayons into her diaper and brings them into another room…and yea. All over the walls.

5. Fisher-Price Lil’ Zoomers

Um, cute much? Perfect for little hands that are just learning coordination skills and perfect for a baby brother to play with his big sister with if he so chooses to share!

4. Table and chairs

Is this not the most beautiful table and chair set?? Oh. My. God. I love it. It’s the perfect size for Caitlin and, since she’s a graze eater, it will make dinner and snack time so much easier.

3. Fisher-Price Laugh ‘N Learn Learning Workbench

Another one of that thing Kinny won’t be able to enjoy until he is a little older, but goes the issue with having a baby in the middle of the year, rather than right after Christmas. We already own all the 6 mon+ gifts from when we had Caitlin!!

2. Books. Lots and lots of books. We’re almost finished with The Phantom Toll Booth and then The Wizard of Oz is after that. We do 2-3 chapters a day, so we need to get more books for our library.

1. Slide

I am so hoping this slide will be the answer to my prayers. Caitlin climbs on EVERYTHING and I’m hoping something that she is allowed to climb on will help. It drives me insane, like, seriously insane. She has gotten to the point where she is STACKING things on other things to reach higher. I really hope this takes care of that, otherwise, I’m going to pull my hair out.