Recently I attended a baby shower where someone videoed little advice tidbits for the expecting couple. It was fun to hear all the advice that was passed around the room. At first, I wasn’t overly interested in chiming in, after all, I don’t consider myself a mom of the year material. Besides, my son is grown now and things have changed. But you know what? I thought about how my son has turned out and realized I did have something to say!

Let your child experience life. It’s that simple and yet it seems to be so hard! We always want to protect our kids. We don’t want them to get physically or emotionally hurt. While trying to protect our kids is certainly expected sometimes as parents we go a little too far and forget to let our kids still experience what life is about.

Like I said before I certainly am not the mom of the year material but I’m proud of what my son has become. It was ok that he got a few bruises jumping his bike. He likes to get dirty and his hands aren’t always perfectly clean when he eats but he never gets sick.

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