momHola!! Bienvenidos to Greenery In Mommyhood where Mom Catalina (that will be me) shares her family stories. Here you will find a distinctive garden variety:  raising teens in a modern world, easy green tips for all to follow, foodie adventures and, occasional book shares.

This is primarily a content blog but from time to time, you will also be treated to various product reviews. As a Latina, Catalina often sprinkles her posts with Spanish. Don’t fret- translations are gladly given upon request. Follow Greenery In Mommyhood as Catalina cultivates her family one season at a time.

Greenery in Mommyhood serves only to share stories while hopefully entertaining visitors, and the loyal readers who follow this blog. This is primarily a content blog where readers are treated to humorous, heartwarming stories of family life while incorporating Catalina’s support for a greener living.

Every now and then, someone will invite Catalina to participate in an event exclusively for bloggers and or media. It’s not often but when these invites do come in, Catalina gladly excepts under the condition that it is an event of real interest to her and believes it would be of interest to readers of Greenery In Mommyhood. Time allowing, Catalina will share those experiences on Greenery In Mommyhood.

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