Two month hiatus full of training, learning and more.  March has begun my 30 days to fit.  A recharge of sorts for myself.  In my opinion, keeping your temple in order is one of the main stays of a healthy professional enterprise.  So I have embarked upon a 30 Days To Fit goal and I would just love to have some people join me to help keep one another accountable.

My goal is to burn fat and build lean muscle.  Each person will have a different goal, but we can all support one another reach those goals.

You can make very noticeable changes in 30 days. But if you have 50 pounds of fat to lose, you shouldn’t expect to lose it all in a few weeks. That’s just setting yourself up for frustration and failure. You should set big goals for yourself, whether it’s to lose 25 pounds in 12 weeks or building 20 pounds of muscle in the same time period.

But hard to reach goals are not the same as impossible goals.

But understand this, if you make big time changes in your lifestyle by getting on a properly designed exercise training program that is supported by a high quality nutrition plan, you can make radically changes in as little as 30 days.

Keep in mind that the longer you stay on any fitness program or diet, the slower your fat loss or muscle gains will be.

Here’s a little tidbit, I detest the word “diet” as it is used commonly.

Healthy living should be a way of life not a fad.  This 30 days to fit is a recharge and refuel to a normally healthy lifestyle for me.  You can get stuck in a rut eating the same ole foods and doing the same ole activities.  So sometimes doing something similar to a 30 days to fit will give you new insights on foods to eat and exercises to try.  One of my lovely FaceBook friends wrote she wanted to learn how to pole dance for exercise recently.  While that form of exercise may not be for me, it certainly does have some aerobic advantages to consider.  At least she was thinking of ways to stay healthy.  And really staying healthy is the point.  Not losing weight or fitting into a pair of jeans, but being healthy for its own sake.

Some things to keep in mind on your healthy journey:

If you have fifty pounds of fat to lose, it’s a lot harder to lose the last five than it is to lose the first twenty.

The closer you are to your fitness goal the more difficult it will be to reach it.

That means you can make rapid weight loss progress when you first start your fitness program.

When you put together a new strategic fat loss and muscle building plan and prepare your body for it, you’re getting ready to achieve serious results in the coming weeks and months – results that will completely transform your body.

If you’re looking to finally get in shape or you haven’t been making any real progress lately, it may be time to completely revamp your fitness program and try something radically different like I am right now.

Doing so could be what boosts your metabolism, burns serious amounts of body fat and allow you to start building muscle again.

The more things you do right the faster your progress is going to be.  We eat right (most of the time), complete our workout (most of the time), and work out intensely enough (most of the time).

If you start doing these things right more often, your progress will accelerate.

It’s important to know yourself. Some people can jump full steam into a new exercise regimen.

But one of the biggest problems for most people when they start a new fitness regimen is they go full steam right away, change everything, and then burn out in a week or two when they don’t drop 30 pounds of fat in six days.

Only you know how quickly you can make the proper changes in your lifestyle.

If you haven’t been on a regular exercise program you should never go from nothing to full steam right away. That’s just an injury waiting to happen.

Or, at the very least, you’ll be so sore for a week that you’ll never workout again.

Incorporate your fitness workout into your daily action plan.  This is a MUST!

Your workout time should be in your appointment book just like any other work or personal appointment.

You’ll be much more likely to keep a workout appointment that’s part of your daily routine than going from day to day hoping to fit in a workout whenever you can.

When you don’t feel like working out try and remember how you feel after a workout. Have you heard the phrase ‘runner’s high?’  I am a runner so I know it well.

That’s because endorphins are coursing through your veins. Endorphins are the most powerful “feel good” drugs around.

Some of the best workouts I’ve ever had were on days I didn’t feel like working out.

On these days, I try and remember that feeling.

I ‘trick’ myself into the workout by telling myself I’ll just do a short workout, I won’t train hard, etc.

And then I end up having a great workout.

The key is to getting yourself to start and teaming up with an accountability partner.. pick me.  J

The more often you can do that the better your results will be and the quicker you’ll see them.

Most of us are stressed out and no matter how much we get done on our to do list the list gets longer.

So we use that as an excuse to skip our workout.

The truth is this is a great reason to make sure you make your workout appointment. Nothing reduces stress like a good workout.

In addition, a healthy nutrition program and a good fitness program will have you feeling better and more energetic which makes it easier for you to get through your stressful days.

The better your nutrition program the better you’ll feel. This makes it easier to get through your days and your workouts, not to mention help accelerate your fat burning and muscle building progress.

Losing weight isn’t something you can do in a day or two. While it does take time it’s also true that you can make amazing changes in as little as 30 days.

A well -planned weight loss program is very important to reaching your fitness goals.